Saturday, January 16, 2010

Musim baru

Musim baru menanam padi

Redup petang dengan angin sepoi2 bahasa

Tuan tanah Kedawung

Apa sepah2 ni..

Frit yang tumpah




Kerja menambak lagi 2 X

Ini adalah blog org sedang malas menulis,,hehe,,nyway tq la singgah tempat I ye,,


  1. Hello Aznimatisa, Wow! I love your well taken pics here, especially the 1st picture.
    I am always a kampong boy at heart having grown up next to a kampong.
    Then many school holidays staying in a kampong at my Malay friends homes.

    And love fishing for ikan duri, haruan at the padi fields. Not to mention disturbing the kerbaus, ha ha.
    And I used to on my frequent travels stop at kampong coffee shops just to chit chat with the pakciks over coffee.

    The gentleman in the gambars (your hubby? ) very rajin....wish I can come and give him a hand, ha ha.
    You stay young, and keep a song in your heart, have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

  2. Uncle Lee,
    Tq for "singgah' at my simple blog. It so nice of u sharing an expensive experience during your childhood. The gentleman in the pic is my hubby n we are looking foward to build a ceramic workshop n art studio at the middle of the padi field. Have a pleasant weekend to u too :-)

  3. Uncle Lee,
    I just drop by your blog n amazed with all the pic taken,, n not forgot to mention, credit to your well writing, keep it up n gogo chaiyok sir!